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Make educating the tough topics easy

No outside product should replace the role of parents and teachers, however on these important topics, using specialised outside experts is a must. 

Essential topics for every year 7-10 student

Use these ready-to-teach lessons on the important topics of Self-Image and Cyber Safety with your students.

Experts you can trust

As Australia's largest educator on identity and relationships, our materials are relatable, relevant and road-tested. 

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Our teachers found it very useful, user friendly, highly engaging and it greatly helped improve their confidence on difficult topics.

I enthusiastically endorse it! 

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Alison Bates
Our Middle School choose to purchase Prosper after we trialled a few of their free lessons. The content is engaging, clearly set out and as a classroom teacher easy to follow. Biblical worldview was important for us and this is clearly threaded through all of the content. The student activities were well received and the video clips created great discussion as a class and also in small groups.

I would highly recommend this resource to any school. It is great value for money and very engaging.
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Nikki Clark
KingsWay School, NZ

Content in alignment of your schools faith values

Having worked in hundreds of Catholic and Christian schools you can trust we present key concepts of faith well.

Teacher notes included

The lessons are mapped to the ACARA curriculum with learning intentions and success criteria. Lesson structure is detailed, with correct responses for activities provided.

Everything that you need

  • Teaching videos
  • Activity Sheets (printable or digital)
  • Simple to run activities
  • Ice-breakers and reflections

Age-appropriate and flexible learning

The lessons are age-appropriate, activities can be completed in either digital or printed format and give the flexibility to pick and choose the activities that best suit your needs.

"I commend Real Talk resources to you and encourage you to promote and use them in your schools... They are works of deep faith and missionary zeal, and I am confident they will enlighten and strengthen many young people in Australia and beyond".

Most Rev Mark Coleridge - President, Australian Catholic Bishops Conference

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