Learning Point 1 Quiz (4.6LP1Q) – Student Access

Click each video below to learn about how we grow and change during puberty.

Let’s listen to Charlotte explain some of the stages of development that human beings go through. 

Even though you don’t have a choice about when your body is going to grow and change, you do have some control over what kind of person you want to be.  Gerard is going to share with us some hints to help you manage these changes in a positive way.

To allow us to see the world in a more complex way our brain also has to undergo some changes.  Nikki is going to explain a little more about this now. 

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You need to complete all the questions and your teacher will be able to review your answers. You do not need to get 100% to move on, but you cannot restart the quiz once finished. 

Answer these questions to see how much you’ve learnt: