Opening Activity Quiz (1.2OAQ) PI – Module – Teacher Access

Do you have a favourite present that you’ve been given? 
Gerard does – click the video below to hear about the BEST PRESENT he has ever received.

PRINTABLE QUIZ: Download if instructed by your teacher.

If you use the printable quiz and wish to skip the online quiz, simply click ‘Learning Point (1.2LP1)’ in the menu to the left of the screen.   

We’d love to know about the best present you’ve ever received.
Answer the following questions in the text box below. 

  • What was it?
  • Who gave it to you and why? 
  • How did you feel when you received it?
  • What did it look like?
  • Do you still have it?

If you have a photo of the present you can upload it below.
Or, if you don’t have a photo you could draw a picture and upload that below instead.

TO UPLOAD: Click ‘choose file’, choose the file and then click UPLOAD. Once uploaded it will read SUCCESS. You can then click FINISH QUIZ.