Reflection Activity 2 Quiz (1.5RA2Q) PI – Module – Teacher Access

Even though you all followed the same instructions to create your dog or cat, each animal was created with slight differences. Each one had its own individual attributes.  None of them were exactly the same.  Some may have slightly different faces drawn on, others might have been folded differently.  

This is true for us as males and females as well.  By definition we are all human beings, yet, there are things about each of us that make us unique. We are male and female. We are different in so many ways, and the same in so many ways, and yet we are distinct.  We are both made in God’s image and both complement each other in the way that we reflect different aspects of God.  Both males and females are needed to play important roles in God’s plan for love and life.  

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Take a few minutes to reflect on the unique qualities males or females have and how they differ from the other sex.   

Write your thoughts in the text box below the music videos.  You might also like to write a prayer to thank God for the amazing creation of humans.  

You may like to listen to one or both of these songs during your reflection and writing time: