Equip: Year 10-12

6 Lessons for Catholic Senior Secondary Students


Equip: Catholic School Edition – A six lesson, video led series for senior students (years 10-12), that will empower your senior students to have lives and relationships that prosper.

Equip is specifically for Catholic School students aged 15+ (for Christian Schools please see Equip: general Christian School edition)

6 Topics:

  • Theology of the Body
  • Love, Sex and Marriage
  • Relationships and Dating
  • Natural Family Planning
  • Digital Relationships
  • Pornography

Each topic can be used in isolation or schools can approach the series as a whole. Suitable for Health, Physical Education, Religious Education and Wellbeing classes.

In this series we will provide the videos (from 30-60mins each), as well as discussions and activities to help contribute to students health, safety and wellbeing as individuals and in their communities. Each topic has the flexibility to be run for lessons that go for 50mins through to 120mins.

Students will be asked to investigate and demonstrate the relationship between sexuality, sex and chastity and the capacity to live an ethical, hope-filled and wholehearted life. They will be equipped with the tools to manage and express emotions responsibly and compassionately for the good of self and others. They will be helped to incorporate Catholic moral teaching into their decision making process.

The series will help students with future choices made as individuals but also help contextualise real world topics as issues to wrestle with for the good of the whole wider human family. The series will lead students to an increased capacity for compassion, forgiveness, and love.



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