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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are there different student numbers and prices for certain product? Which one do I chose?

When a program is purchased you are purchasing the right to use that program with your students. This is why the price increases for increased student numbers. We did this to be mindful of schools with fewer students.

Example: St. Joseph's College has 25 students in Year 5 and 25 students in Year 6 and both Year 5 and 6 teachers want to use the program in the next 12 months. Year 5 students only want to use the media and technology module, while Year 6 will be using the other 3 modules. Upon purchase, a teacher login will be granted which can be used by both teachers. The school should purchase the product that allows for <100 students, since 50 students will be using the product. 


If there is no student capacity listed in the product description, you are able to use the program for any number of students in 1 school. 

2. What exactly does a purchase include?

Purchase includes a subscription that lasts for 12 months from the date of purchase, giving you access to everything you need. Feel free to try out our FREE Flourish Lessons and FREE Prosper Lessons to see what our lessons include. You can read more about each product on the product page.

3. Can I purchase individual lessons?

Individual lessons can be arranged at the cost of $200 per lesson for 12 month access. Please email support@realtalkeducation.org to request an individual lesson. 

4. How many teachers get access? Can I share my access?

With each purchase, one teacher login (linked to email used at purchase) is provided. The course can be accessed through this login. Multiple teachers (from the same school of purchase) may access and use the login concurrently, but only one login is available with each purchase.

5. How am I charged?

Payment methods available are:

1 - Credit Card. You will be charged a once-off fee via the credit card upon purchasing the product.

2 – Pay on Invoice. An invoice will be emailed for payment via direct deposit or cheque.

6. Is it a yearly charge and will I be automatically charged?

Each program is a once-off purchase. You will not automatically be charged for a subscription renewal, however, you will be emailed near the end of your 12month subscription time with options to renew or change your subscription. 

7. Can I be invoiced?

Yes! In the checkout process, you can choose 'Credit Card' or 'Pay on Invoice'. When 'Pay on Invoice' is selected an invoice will be emailed for payment via direct deposit or cheque.

8. Is there a discount for multiple school purchases? Eg A Catholic diocese.

Yes, please contact us for a meeting to discuss your needs.

9. How much is the product?

Product prices vary, depending on which product you select and the number of students the product is for. The price per student equates to between $0.05 and $0.50 per student per lesson when purchasing the full product.

10. Do you do live presentations?

Yes! Real Talk is probably the largest provider of live "in-school" presentations in Australia and New Zealand. Please visit www.realtalkinternational.com to find out what we offer.

11. What currency is it in and do we pay tax?

At this stage, all products are available in AUD, NZD, and US dollars. Please select your local currency on purchase to avoid any transfer fees. For Australian schools, GST will be added at checkout but schools can claim back GST, so for budgeting purposes please consider the GST free amount. For all other overseas countries, no tax is added. 

12. Is all your content Christian?

We are a faith-based organisation and, in places, this is reflected in our presentations and content (e.g. through references to God, prayer, and passages from the Bible).

However, a lot of the content in our education modules is not overtly Christian. Many of the lessons can be used for a wider audience and draw on widely accepted principles such as respect, love and kindness. Our content also incorporates recent scientific research and widely accepted psychological, educational and philosophical realities.

The pedagogy and layered educational approach of Real Talk is regularly noted as a highlight by educational and Church leaders. Whilst every Christian denomination is different, we have worked hard to ensure that Christian and Catholic schools will find the material more than satisfactory. You may find it helpful to watch our general promotional video or to read the ABOUT page.

13. Can I share my login with other schools

No. The license for each product is for one school only and logins are monitored by the Real Talk Education administration team.

14. Can I get access/permission for students to use at home (e.g. in quarantine)

Due to the sensitive nature of the topics we cover we prefer that lessons are engaged with in a classroom setting (or in extenuating situations live video class setting). For students in home isolation, if there are no other options, simply using your webcam/screen share to let them participate in the lesson is recommended. If you would like a personal login for students at home we can arrange 7 day access for the schools planned lessons. Please contact linda@realtalkeducation.org with the student email, lessons required and dates required. We are not able to give general access to all lessons of the course to individual student logins. To enable tailored student access there will be a fee of $100 per school for up to 1 hours tech support ($50 per hour thereafter). Please allow up to 2 business days for this task but let us know if you require it sooner.

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