Yr 7-10 Programs

'Prosper' Yr 7-10: Personal Identity, Social and Relational Wellbeing

Prosper is a 'ready to teach' online resource

This ground-breaking new resource features 17 lessons with 45 unique video resources, covering all the important topics including self-image, cyber safety, social media, pornography, sexting, healthy relationships, consent, sexual health, marriage and many more!

Each lesson is underpinned by a faith-based foundation and specifically tailored for Australian and New Zealand learning contexts, making this resource a must-have for all Catholic and Christian secondary schools.

Self Image AND Cyber Safety

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Alison Bates | APRE

Our teachers found it very useful, user friendly, highly engaging and it greatly helped improve their confidence on difficult topics.

I enthusiastically endorse it! 

Nikki Clarke | KingsWay School NZ

Our Middle School choose to purchase Prosper after we trialled a few of their free lessons. The content is engaging, clearly set out and as a classroom teacher easy to follow. Biblical worldview was important for us and this is clearly threaded through all of the content. The student activities were well received and the video clips created great discussion as a class and also in small groups.

I would highly recommend this resource to any school. It is great value for money and very engaging.


  • The most comprehensive, contemporary collection of resources for Catholic and Christian Schools
  • 3 Modules: Personal Identity, Media and Technology, Life and Relationships
  • 17 full-length 60-minute lessons, including opening activities, learning points, unique video resources, illustrations, reflection activities, quizzes and much more!
  • Teachings notes for every lesson
  • Activity Sheets for all lessons that can be printed OR completed electronically
  • Curriculum mapping, with learning intentions and success criteria included for every lesson
  • Age-appropriate content
  • Flexibility to pick and choose Modules and/or Lessons to suit your needs
  • Easy access to the program within one online learning platform
  • Phone and email support to help you get the most out of the resource


  • Every subscription to Prosper Yr 7-10¬†also includes 1 year FREE Basic access (value - $20 per person) for the entire school community to Real Talk Parents

Module 1: Personal Identity

Lesson 1.1: Personal Identity

Lesson 1.2: Self-Image

Lesson 1.3: Made in the Image of God PART 1

Lesson 1.4: Made in the Image of God PART 2

Lesson 1.5: Beauty and Body Image

Lesson 1.6: Strength and Personal Character

Module 2: Media and Technology

Lesson 2.1: Media and Technology

Lesson 2.2: Cyber Safety

Lesson 2.3: Social Media

Lesson 2.4: Pornography

Lesson 2.5: Sexting


Module 3: Life and Relationships

Lesson 3.1: Healthy Relationships

Lesson 3.2: Consent and Respect

Lesson 3.3: Body Language and Sex

Lesson 3.4: Marriage and Family

Lesson 3.5: STIs and Sexual Health

Lesson 3.6: Reverence for Life


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