'Flourish' Yr 5-7 Education Modules

Lesson 1.1 | Self Image AND Lesson 3.2 | Consent

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Module 1: Personal Identity

Lesson 1.1: Self-image

Lesson 1.2: Gift

Lesson 1.3: Sacred

Lesson 1.4: Made in the Image of God (Self Control)

Lesson 1.5: Made in the Image of God (Made Male & Female)

Lesson 1.6: Purpose

Module 2: Media and Technology

Lesson 2.1: Critical Thinking of Media

Lesson 2.2: Cyber Safety

Lesson 2.3: Be Social Media Savvy

Optional Content - Lesson 2.4: Inappropriate Images

Module 3: Relationships

Lesson 3.1: Friendship

Lesson 3.2: Consent & Respect

Lesson 3.3: Body Language (Part 1: Our bodies say something)

Lesson 3.4: Body Language. (Part 2: An intimate gift of self)

Lesson 3.5: Marriage and Family

Module 4: Puberty

Lesson 4.1: Let’s Talk about boys and girls

Lesson 4.2: Let’s Talk about Puberty (for girls)

Lesson 4.3: Let’s Talk about Girls (for girls)

Lesson 4.4: Let’s Talk about Boys (for girls)

Lesson 4.5: Let’s Talk Questions & Answers for girls

Lesson 4.6: Let’s Talk about Puberty (for boys)

Lesson 4.7: Let's Talk about Boys (for boys)

Lesson 4.8: Let's Talk about Girls (for boys)

Lesson 4.9: Let’s Talk Questions & Answers for boys

Optional Content - Lesson 4.10: Let's Talk about how babies are made


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