Prosper (more than 100 students) 12 month subscription

AUD $695.00 before tax

This purchase allows teacher access to the Prosper Yr 7 to 10 Program for more than 100 students in one school for a 12month period.

One teacher ‘user login’ will come with purchase. This can be shared internally within a school and can be used concurrently.

If you have questions about this product please see our Frequently Asked Questions.


Real Talk Education is proud to present Prosper, our year 7 to 10 education modules covering personal identity, media & technology and life & relationships.

Prosper is a values-based student-focused education tool that provides the materials for educators on some of the most important and difficult topics.

Lessons are curriculum mapped and underpinned by Christian moral teaching.

We have 17 topics spread across the three module areas of Personal Identity, Media & Technology and Life & Relationships with each lesson having learning intentions and success criteria included.

The program gives school access for teachers for more than 100 students, and this purchase allows 12 month access to the program.